Juanita Bynum Forgives Husband

Juanita Bynum Eurweb.com reports JUANITA BYNUM TALKS ABOUT BEATING INCIDENT ON TBN’S ‘PRAISE THE LORD’: Prophetess said she is going through this for somebody else and she forgives her husband.
Until September 4, Prophetess Juanita Bynum had not publicly spoken about the alleged beating she suffered at the hands of her estranged husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks, III. The only comment she made was through her publicist, Amy Malone, who said on behalf of Bynum that she wasn’t in a fight with Weeks; she was attacked.
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6 comments on “Juanita Bynum Forgives Husband

  1. Forgiving is good. She should bar bitterness from her heart. No need for her to carry around guilt and ill feelings… But I really hope she doesn’t take him back until he gets some help. I’m talking a couple of years with a therapist, some anger management, something…


  2. Gwyneth, I admire her to be able to forgive him so quickly. I’m an advocate for marriage but under the right circumstances. I don’t think any woman should stay with a man whose beating her behind. He needs some anger management classes and after a few years of showing he’s not an abuser, only then would I say take his butt back…but as of right now, she would be a fool to take him back now.

  3. I agree that forgiveness is the best thing for her. I applaud her for getting to that stage this quickly. I understand her saying she’s going through this for someone else and while that may very well be true, she can’t dismiss the fact that she may truly be going through it for HERSELF as well.

  4. Juanita i commend you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.Your testimony gives me encouragement to serve our God.Because he will exault us in due season.All these things shall come to pass.All honour to God because you recognise even through your circumstances that we restle not against flesh and blood so that is why i commended you for forgiving him, pray for your husband,fast for him. That he maybe delivered for we have weapons for warfare and strongholds that cannot fail us.I STAND WITH YOU IN JESUS NAME.This situation only made you more effective for the kingdom.

  5. Well its sure is good she forgived him, but jus keep your head up.. LOVE YOU JUANITA! Touch not my annointing and do my prophets no harm. But I’m truly sorry to hear that., a strong woman of GOD. JUS KEEP DOING WHAT U DOING, GOD GOT BETTER THINGS IN STORE FOR YOU AGAIN.:(

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