Bronco’s Henry Seems to be very Fertile

The football season is upon us. I will admit I’m not the greatest football fan, but I love watching fine men run around so I’ve learned to enjoy the sport.  As I was surfing the net, I came across this article about Denver’s running back Travis Henry.

If I could ask him one question, it would be, “Have you ever heard of a condom?”  I know with your millions you should be able to afford at least a pack or two. Paradise flavored condoms

Why do I ask, because according to this article I read, he has 9…not one…two or three but nine children by 9 different women.  Read the article here.

Ladies, if he even thinks about pulling out his pee wee, run like a track star because that man is potent. Now if you do decide to give him some play, you might want to have a doctor check him out too; because I hate to say this but it’s obvious he’s not practicing safe sex.

Can someone please slip Henry some condoms?


4 comments on “Bronco’s Henry Seems to be very Fertile

  1. I have no words…. Well, maybe one word… DAMN! He could probably look at a woman and knock her up.And I’m not even gonna think about the risk for disease. Keep away girls…. you don’t want none of that… yikes!


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