Sweet & Sassy 100 & Books Too

Got your attention, didn’t I? 🙂

This post marks the 100th post since I started this blog and I wanted to tell everyone who has ever stopped by THANK YOU! I’m enjoying every minute of it and I appreciate the interesting conversation you all bring.

Happy 100!!! African American Profile Graphics SoulCityGraphics.com

What a great way to start my Birthday Month Celebration! Now on to Books.

Every Sunday I highlight a few books that I’ve read and liked.

Below are my two picks for this week:

Working Man (Kimani Romance) Working Man by  Melanie Schuster  

Sinsatiable by Shelia E. Lipsey

What are you reading? Please share.


6 comments on “Sweet & Sassy 100 & Books Too

  1. I just started reading Redemption by Jacquelin Thomas. It takes me forever to read a book; I have developed the discipline not to be distracted from my own writing, no matter how enthralling the story might be. I also like to savor each word the author writes, so rushing through a book usually means I didn’t like it much. I read one chapter Friday night. Yesterday I split between housework and writing and didn’t read at all.

    But I’m enjoying it.

  2. So far I’ve enjoyed all of Jacquelin Thomas’ books. I think I’m the total opposite when it comes to books. If it takes me forever to finish it; more than likely it isn’t one I care for. I usually lose a little sleep (because I read at night) when the book is good.

  3. Congrats, on your 100th post! I love this blog.

    I read Working Man and loved it. All I wanted to know afterward was where in the heck can I find me a man like that… good with his hands and take charge… mmmm… he was a keeper…. I meant the book was a keeper… 🙂


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