Behind the Book/It’s My Turn to Talk

I did it once before with a previous release and it was fun, so I thought I would try it again. Here’s my one on one interview with the main character of Paige’s Web.

Paige Christine Webb is the #1 Events Planner in North Texas.

Shelia Goss: I heard as a single woman, you have several rules you follow. Do you care to share it with the audience?
Sure. Rule number one: Date More Than One Man. Rule number two: Never Agree to an Exclusive Relationship. Rule number three: Run Like a Track Star at the First Sign of Love.

To read the full interview, click on one of these links:

Behind the Book  –

It’s My Turn to Talk –


4 comments on “Behind the Book/It’s My Turn to Talk

  1. Gwyneth, I did it with the character Nikki from My Invisible Husband and thought it would be fun to do it for this one. I was dragging my foot on doing it until Allison sent out her message about her blog; so it made me do it sooner than later.

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