Writing and Reading Habits

1. I can write the first draft of a novel in a month if the characters are vivid in my head. I usually wait until the characters hound me to write their story so that it’ll flow. I’ve tried writing any other kind of way but it doesn’t work for me. My characters must speak to me 🙂

2. I like complete solitude when writing. I don’t like being interrupted unless it’s an emergency; otherwise, you will get a half of a response. You could ask me to sign over my life’s savings and I would say okay because I’m not really listening to you when I’m in a writer’s zone.

3. I dream movies. I wish I could finance all of the great movie ideas I dream of. I have to keep a notepad by my bed to write short synopsis of what I’ve dreamed for future use.

4. I do a character sketch for every main character. By the time I finish with the character sketch, I know the character better than I know my friends…lol

5. I don’t like to let people read my stuff unless it’s finished because I know me. I will more than likely change some stuff when I go through the edits.

6. One of my novels is written under a pen name due to the fact that most of my books are considered women’s fiction and I don’t want to mix up my reading audience. No I am not telling you my pen name (smile).

7. None of my stories are about me. Although some folks swear I’m the over 30 never been married character of one of my novels. My stories are all fiction. I only meet folks later that have similiar characteristics as my characters. Reality is stranger than fiction.

8. Due to my vivid imagination, My motto “I write stories with a twist” developed and that’s my goal with every story.

9. I’m an avid reader and read in all genres. Reading is my favorite pasttime. My favorite however is either romance or mysteries. There’s nothing like a good romance or a good mystery.

10. I write during the day and read at night.

11. If the book is good, it doesn’t take me long to read it. If it’s not, it takes me forever.

12. I can read by myself or in a crowd. I’ve mastered the art of tuning folks out.

13. I’ve started reading more street fiction and find that I enjoy it.

14. I used to write book reviews monthly so for the longest I was required to read a book. Now that I’m not reviewing books as often, the joy of reading has resurfaced. I enjoy reading “just because.”

15. If I meet an author and they have a bad attitude, I usually don’t read anymore of their books. Even if I was their number one fan before.

What are some of your reading and writing habits?


5 comments on “Writing and Reading Habits

  1. my favourite genres to read are children’s fiction and chick lit. i have a habit of reading popular fiction – if it’s talked about often enough, i’ll give it a try. but i’ll never buy books if i have not read them before; i only buy them secondhand of it i’ve read them and am certain i want my own copy.

    and i can read while walking. 🙂

  2. Writing number 6 … You have to tell us so we can read the book. I wanna read the book…. Wanh…. I I whine loud enough will you tell me so I can read the book?

    Reading number 15… I found that I still read their books, especially i they are my favorite writers, but I no longer promote their books. I’m a reader that will tell the entire world about a book I love and I will get my friends and family hooked on my favorite writers. But I found that once I became an author and started to meet olks, I have been less vocal about some of my sister authors even though I still buy their books, I’m not the cheerleader I used to be. And that’s sad, because I love promoting my sister authors… 😦 But if people act ugly, what can I do…


  3. I write when I get home from my day job, and I read everywhere (on buses, at my writing desk, in bed, in the bathroom). I enjoy all genres, with thrillers at the top of my list.

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