Whitney and Bobby Back in The Spotlight

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown It seems Bobby isn’t too happy about the child custody arrangement with Whitney.  According to legal papers Bobby filed, Whitney is supposedly blocking him from seeing their daughter Bobbi Kristina.

These reports counteract the reports on the gossip circuit about them two getting back together. Apparently those pics were taken when Bobby was trying to convince Whitney to let him see their daughter.

Whitney isn’t no different than other women. A woman scorned will sometimes make the mistake and try to keep the child away from their daddy. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved soon. Regardless of what we may think about the daddy, a child needs his or her father in their lives.        


5 comments on “Whitney and Bobby Back in The Spotlight

  1. Whitney probably doesn’t want her child hanging around Superhead… heaven knows what kind of bad habits little Bobbi Christina would pick up from the women Bob-by Bro-wn has been around lately… LOL.


  2. lol Gwyneth…now I don’t blame Whitney on that…Superho..mean head is nobody’s role model and I wouldn’t want my little girl nor boy around her.

  3. I would not use my children as a way to get revenge on their father. Only if I felt it was unsafe for them to see them. People need to stop puttting children in the middle of their relationship problems, that only causes more problems- duh!

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