The Face Behind the Blog

I was tagged by Mrs. Grapevine to do the The Face Behind the Blog. She was tagged by Lisa C.

Since I’m revealing all, let me tell you a little about me. I am the author of several novels. Be on the look out for Paige’s Web (coming to a store near you in October). Some of my other books are My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Violets are true and Double Platinum (coming 2008).

Anyway, here’s some pictures I took when I was having fun with my cell phone. 

I’m tagging: Gwyneth’s  Princess Dominique Yolanda Writes and Favorite Nitemare


10 comments on “The Face Behind the Blog

  1. No problem Mrs. Grapevine. Sorry to hear about your problem, hopefully it’ll get fixed soon. That happened to me on myspace and I ended up having to change my password almost everyday for a week.

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