Army Wives Season Finale airs on Lifetime

Army Wives on Lifetime has become one of my favorite shows to watch. It’s hard to pinpoint why. Maybe because it reminds me of the time of when my fiance (now ex-fiance) was in the service and I was left behind when he fought in the Gulf War. Anyway, if you haven’t seen the show; definately check it out in re-runs. If you do watch it, chime in and let’s discuss.

Update: The summer’s hottest new series ended in almost a bang. Frank, Trevor and Chase are deployed. I like the way the show portrayed the emotional good-byes. It was realistic.  Some of the surprises was the person you thought would be pregnant wasn’t but someone you least expected to be pregnant was. It was appropriate that the show ended with them all at the bar. The surpise was when a disgruntle army husband walks in wearing a bomb. (I sort of figured he would be the culprit)…anyway, just when he gets ready to hit the trigger, the show goes off and Lifetime airs a clip of Halle Berry’s upcoming new movie. Now we have to wait until next season to see if he blows up the place, will anyone get hurt or will he come to his senses.


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