Juanita Bynum’s Husband Thomas Weeks Turns Himself In

Eurweb.com reported earlier that Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III had been charged with felony aggravated assault and making terrorist threats against his wife, televangelist Juanita Bynum, after he allegedly stomped and choked her in a hotel parking lot and threatened to kill her.

The Atlanta Constitution reported this morning that Weeks has surrendered to authorities.  

Thomas W. Weeks, a 54-year-old bishop who shares an international ministry with his estranged wife Juanita Bynum, surrendered to Atlanta police Friday on charges that he assaulted his wife.

Bynum’s husband has retained two lawyers: famed defense attorney Ed Garland to represent him in the criminal case; and Louis Tesser, to take care of the domestic matter.Garland has in the past represented NFL star Ray Lewis in his murder trial and millionaire James Sullivan, who ordered the murder of his socialite wife.

“He very much regrets what happened and said he’s sorry for what it’s worth,” Tesser said Thursday night.

Weeks loves his wife, Tesser said, and “he hopes he doesn’t wind up getting a divorce.”


Weeks and Bynum pictured at their 2002 wedding

“Anytime you tell a person, ‘I’m going to kill you,’ that moves it up to a felony,” Campbell said. And her bruises were serious enough to merit felony aggravated assault charges against Weeks.

In a comment posted on her MySpace page, the evangelist said, “I am currently recovering from all of my injuries and resting well … this, too, shall pass.”

“People are interpreting it to mean the two of them were fighting,” Malone said. “They were not fighting. She was assaulted.”

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8 comments on “Juanita Bynum’s Husband Thomas Weeks Turns Himself In

  1. Juanita Bynum you are in my Prayers. We need to be Praying, that God will give her the strength to get her through all of this (This to shall pass).

    And to the Weeks family, you too are in my Prayers.

    God Bless,
    M.A. Harris

  2. You have blessed so many women with your great messages and testimonies. My prayers are with you and certainly your husband.

    When you bounce back I know your message and testimony will be knock dead awesome and powerfully spirit filled.

    Love ya

  3. Like you said Juanita,this too will pass, you are right, and remember that what the devil meant for bad God will turn it around for your good, And I declare that you will not shut up, nor give up, but that that this calls for a greater Anointing on your life for such a time as this in Jesus Name. Our prayers are with the weeks family

  4. what the devil meant for evil, God is going to turn this thing around and Prophetess Bynum is going to take the world by a Spiritual Storm when she recovers. I am excited what God is getting ready to do through her.Watch!!!

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