Lindsay Lohan will get Jail Time

Lindsay Lohan, a member of the brat pack, will be doing some jail time. How much is the question?  lindzad.jpg

By law, because Lohan plead no contest to  two counts of DUI, she becomes a second offender with two DUIs and like Nicole Richie must serve a minimum of four days in jail.  Read more at Perez Hilton.

Do you think her sentencing is fair or is this another example of a celebrity getting a slap on the wrist?


6 comments on “Lindsay Lohan will get Jail Time

  1. She should get about 3 months in jail. Can you imagine if she runs into someone (like my kid) and kills them like Matthew Broderick did in Ireland? It’s not just a big joke, they can literally kill people when they are drunk at the wheel.


  2. Drinking and driving don’t mix. Life is not a movie where you can do a re-take in a scene; once a life is taken; that’s it. She needs to hire a driver to take her from point A to point B. If I lived in her area, I wouldn’t feel safe with her on the roads.

  3. How ironic that folks like Lohan can drunk drive and not get much, if any jail time, but they’re looking to put Vick away based on every criminal count they can get their greasy fingers on? They even managed to get him dimwit dad to speak against his own son. Black people never cease to amaze me, I tell you that.

  4. I think it’s a little ridicuolous how all these celebs get away with everything, and why all because of there money.. Lohans ass should be in jail, its not like anyone held a gun to her head and said she snort some cocaine and drive! The stories like Lohan’s is how we can tell this whole system is one sided, I mean OJ getting off with murder, Lohan DUI, and Hilton, reckless driving which could have killed someone , GOD forbid if any normal person would go out and be under the influence of drugs and recks there car into one of there famliy members, where would they be, they wouldn’t care, they would say throw there ass in jail!! If there willing to take the risks of driving under the influence, and reckless driving then they should grow up and face the consequences that come with there decisions!

  5. Why should these celebs get away with a slap on the wrist. It’s pretty pathedic how money talks with the justice system! Lohan and Hilton are celebs who both need rehab and jail time.. Any other person who would go out and drive under the influence of drugs, and reckless driving, you would see there ass in jail and you should. I’m sorry but our justice system is one sided, and if this would have been turned around to where Lohan and or Hilton was hit by someone under the influence of drugs and surrivived you know for a fact that there famlily would want the people who had commited this crime thrown in jail!!! Not just Lohan and Hilton but all the celebs should just grow up, your all suposed to be role models, I wouldn’t want my daughter being a cracked out druggie…. If it wasn’t for money these celebs would be just like us.. But once again they let the money and fame go to there head…

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