Juanita Bynum – Was it Domestic Abuse?

My mouth dropped wide open when I read that Juanita Bynum was assaulted by her husband who’s a minister. I’m not sure if this is the first time or if this has happened time and time again, but you never know what a person is going through. She’s been there for so many women. Her books and her tapes have uplifted me and my heart goes out to her.

Some might ask, if it was domestic abuse, why did she let it go on? Well, it looks like she was estranged from her husband at the time of the incident that’s being reported and for good reason.  Abuse wrecks havoc on a persons psyche. Imagine being an advocate for women everywhere and then you end up in a abusive relationship. The first thing I could imagine is disbelief. I would think I was dreaming and saying to myself, “I know this isn’t happening to me.” When reality hits, I can imagine planning my next step, asking myself, “how can I get out of this?” Sadly, I would have to say that “shame” may be another reason why it may have been hidden for so long.  I can imagine him taunting her not to report it because of her statue in the community.  It upsets me to think about it.

When it comes to abuse, whether verbal or physical, signs are there. Its best not to ignore the signs and to put a stop to it when you first notice it.  We have to stop excusing bad behaviour.

ATLANTA – Police said Juanita Bynum, a televangelist who has won a national following with sermons about women’s empowerment, was assaulted by her preacher husband in the parking lot of an Atlanta hotel early Wednesday.  To read the entire article, click here.

 To learn more about the problem of domestic abuse, go to: http://www.ndvh.org/educate/what_is_dv.html


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  1. I’m still amazed that people still wonder how or why it goes on. Strong women get broken down and abused. It is a common misconception that only weak women or men are abused. Thanks for the link. Everybody needs to read and discuss this.

  2. “Strong women get broken down and abused…”
    Exactly PrincessDominique. That’s why I wanted to point that out. It could happen to anyone; that’s why we have to be mindful of the signs and stop it in its ugly tracks.

  3. Girl you know I was shocked when I heard that but it just goes to show, time & time again that we all fall short even PK’s, Women’s advocate leaders, gospel singers and BISHOPS!.

    Wow, what’s up CHURCH? Too many worldly influencs or is the light being shown on the real deal? People really need to pay attention….not just in relationships and the non-believers, but in the church.

  4. It is so appauling to me on how people, especially christians can make up assumptions. We really, really, really, do not know the magnitude of their relationship. The only thing we have to go by is this recent incident. Maybe this, and maybe that is a bunch of gossip. WE NEED TO STOP IT! Dr. Bynum and Bishop Weeks is a woman and man of God. Yes, their emotions got the best of them. The enemy is attacking our marriages, our families, our homes, our churches and so on, and so forth, and all we can do is blab about it. He is still our brother, she is still our sister, we are one body. They are “Our Father’s” Chilren. The enemy is not after the Bishop or the Prophetess, he is after the entire body of Christ. Read Zechariah chapter 3. Are we going to strech out Bishop Weeks on the cross because he fail in the area of domestic violence, are we going to judge the prophetess because she shouldn’t have “followed him in the parking lot”. Whatever the case may be, God has already declared the end from the beginning, this is not shocking to Him, He knows all things. Quit judging, and pointing fingers, and placing blames. Take your mouth off the people of God. We need to bind ourselves together and stand in oneness as people of God and pray for our leaders and stop talking against them. I love you and may the peace of God be with you all.

  5. I do not agree with “taking your mouth off the people of God.” and not crucifying “bishop” Weeks. The bottom line is he openly beat his wife, the weaker vessel. I don’t care if she called him out of his name, cheated on him with his best friend and spat on his granny’s grave, NO MAN HAS A RIGHT TO BEAT A WOMAN. If the people of God do not start opening their mouths and saying wrong is wrong instead of “covering” everybody up, more Christian women will go through the infidelities, domestic abuse and pain that so many Christian women go through.

    I respect Juanita Bynum and I was blessed by No More Sheets and felt happy for her in teach me how to love you. Now I am sick to my stomach to think after all she went through to get him he would publicly betray her this way. Kicking and Stomping, choking? That is NOT love I don’t care how you try to Christianize it.

  6. Kandie, us church folks have to deal with the same issues as the world; but it’s how we handle them that should seperate us. I hope that this was an isolated incident…regardless, she needs all of our prayers.

    Caro, I don’t think anyone is passing judgement. Of course, the only two people who know what’s going on in their relationship are those two; however, what happened put it out there in the public domain. (“she was “bruised up and battered,” and had “purple bruising around her neck and upper torso.”) At this point, all we can do is pray for both parties and hope that Sis Juanita recovers from this. Domestic abuse is not uncommon and if this is the case, people need to be aware that there is help out there and there’s no need to feel ashamed.

    Godsdaughter, I agree. I’ve been touched by Sis Juanita’s books and tapes and it saddens me to know that anyone would try to harm; let alone someone as close to her as her husband. No man, no matter what his statue is in the community or church, should abuse women. I know we’re not immuned to getting upset with our spouses, but if it gets that heated, it’s time to walk away and have a cooling off period until both parties can talk without physical blows.

  7. God Daughter, yes, he was wrong, he was dead wrong, however, as people of God, instead of beating him down we really need to pray for him in the area of his weakness. Domestic violence is wrong and it has caused women and men alike to lose their lives. I was a victim of domestic violence for several years so I most definately do not condone it. We cannot allow for what Bishop Weeks has done to build up anger and hatred toward him in our hearts, we must love him anyway.

    The thing that really get me is, not one time in any of the news reports have they said Dr. Bynum file any charges or make any claim of being abuse by her husband, so in the meantime, we are going after “hear say”. Wait it out sista and while you’re waiting, keep both of them lifted up in prayer, they need our prayer right now, not our accusations and judgements.

    Surely, I love Dr. Bynum and still is being blessed by her ministry. At a matter of fact I was at the Women on the Frontline Conference recently held in Orlando and was blessed in her mentorship classes. If this news is really true, it is unfortunate, not only for Dr. Bynum and her husband, but for the body of Christ.

    Much love.

  8. Caro,
    This happened in a public place and was witnessed by a public figure. We as Christians have to be responsible for our actions, and suffer the consequences of them. No one is ridiculing him; they are simply expressing their disgust, in which they are entitled to have. Disgust with someone’s action is not judgment, hitting a woman or a man is wrong.

    We don’t know the circumstances, but do some facts. She was beaten by him with bruises, and just because he is a man of cloth, he will not escape public criticism. It may be that she attacked him first, the truth will come out.

    We can pray and lift him up, but we need to make sure that we don’t take this situation lightly because he is a pastor. Special privileges can go both ways. Don’t turn a blind eye because he’s a bishop, and we won’t crucify him simply because he’s a Bishop.

    They are both in my prayers, but domestic violence is relevant, and this testimony just may help someone else.

  9. So much to make of this. Not to much surprise. They say her husband is gay. WOW!!! I take a look at this from a spiritual perspective, even as some who even quotes scriptures say they do. COME ON!!! WAKE UP ALL!!! This man and woman talks about something so strong in their lives that sets them apart for other members of the body. This high calling as even they are deceived, the meaning so simple as only God can give. This thing called the “ANNOINTING”, overly exaggerated by so many of these false teachers (and I call them false teachers) though some may respect these so highly so as to say “touch my annoited”. This “ANNOINTING” is not the biblical annointing as the Bible say 2Cr 1:21 Now he which stablisheth us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, [is] God; So SIMPLE THE FACT that all God’s people are annointed. What an irony because of the lies to manipulate God’s people of their high spirituality because of the special “ANNOINTING” they possess. We need to discern, again the simple matters of scriptures so to deem such lifestyles as sadly laughable. Some to say about their salvation as well. Paul had a salvation testimony that he met Christ on the road to Damascus. The thousands at Pentacost knew Jesus as their Savior because of the truth the Holy Ghost revealed to them about Christ. I knew Jesus, personally when in a Bible Study Class, the text was taught me from the passage in Gal 3:1 “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?” It really hit me so hard, like Paul’s fall of the horse, that I was being bewitched cause I believed that I had to work to be and stay saved. Paul had preached the gospel to these Galations and the Judizers tried to distort their beliefs by telling them that they must keep the law to prove / keep their salvation. Not So says Paul. This truth gave me the freedom to live my life for Christ as I now knew that Chirst did it all for me. Question…Can any of you do more for God than what God has done for you? God has done it all. Believe that and you are one of his anointed. Mr. Weeks and Ms. Bynum…No true salvation…Expect things for the flesh to take place. All…Make sure that your salvation is pure and true. Just read the Bible and believe what John says Jhn 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. …SIMPLE..SO SIMPLE…Don’t go after an anointing. God doesn’t need us to have more faith. He wants us to be more FAITHFUL. HARD at times, BUT SIMPLE…
    We need to know his WORD, PRAYER, and HIS PEOPLE. And for anyone who wants to use this Jaunita Bynum experience as a reason not to want to got to church…BEWARE you suffer because of your rejection of GOD’s CALLING… SIMPLY BEWARE… No EXCUSES, NO EXCUSES!!!

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  12. Caro: “we really need to pray for him in the area of his weakness.”

    Give me a break. Lock him up or better yet take him behind the building and whip his holy ass.

    Domestic abuse is serious and troubling. Truth be known, it probably persists in evangelical circles more than we know because of the emphasis on the submission of women, which has been grossly taken out of context. I’ve heard Juanita Bynum speak about submission several times on television, in particular regarding disagreements that she’s had with her pastor and her husband. It makes you wonder if she didn’t keep quiet in hopes of trying to practice what she preaches. It’s sad, just really really sad.

  13. If king David were living today, I wonder what the response of the public would have been once it had been reported on CNN that he had committed adultery with another man’s wife, impregnated her, and then had her husband killed. I believe that he too would be judged harshly and definitely not looked upon as a man of God. Yes, none of us should condone or justify what Bishop Week’s did no matter what may have provoked him. Sin is not to be justified but forgiven by God who justifies us by faith. However, just as God knew the heart of David and responded to his transgressions in accordance to his divine will upon his confession and repentance (Psalms 51), so He often times deals with our transgressions as the children of God in like manner. God forgave king David, but much sorrow was to follow his actions. Who knows what “new audience” of women Juanita Bynum will now be able to minister too upon hearing of this national news event. Let’s keep them both in prayer, for if they both truly love God, despite any and all failures that were made, God in his abounding mercy can forgive and God in His infinite wisdom can work out for good.

  14. Thomas Weeks as a church leader must publically repent and acknowledge his sin before the church. This is a scriptural principle. It must not be hidden or covered over or excused – he has a far greater responisibility than the normal Christian to admit he was wrong and sinned againt Juanita.

    Note that generally I do not condone their other activitis and ministries but that is another subject.


  15. My wife and I watched- in horror- the wedding of Weeks and Bynum on TBN in 2002. I subsequently bought the DVD to show people not only how NOT to do a wedding, but how NOT to follow Jesus.

    A relationship based on ego, extravagence, and elitism is doomed, whether it is Park Avenue, or the Windy Acres Trailer Court. I am sorry, not for Weeks and Bynum- their egos and riches would have drug them down eventually and now is as good a time as any, while they’re young enough- maybe- to change; I feel badly for those persons who really believe that to follow people like them is to be following Jesus.

  16. The bible states: follow peace with all men, make no peace with an anger man. She (Sis Bynum) says God talks to her? Did he (God) tell her to remain in that dinning room chair or to get up and move? God is not the the author of confusion. There is a time to speak, a time to confront, a time to shut up and sit in a dinning room chair and watch your anger husband walk off. He was wrong to touch her aggressively. Let us see the spirit of Christ of forgiveness, love move now. Both of them preach love and forgiveness. Vengence is mine said the Lord. If I were her, I will be as Christ wants us to be “wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove”. Sister Bynum don’t have to worry, the whiteman as always will deal with Weeks, since a law of violence was broken and God will deal with her, either good or bad, she has her reward coming also.

  17. Get to know God for yourself. Men and women are just that……men and women. Too often black folks tend to elevate our religious leaders to God like status and we end up worshipping them, which only ends up swelling their heads and then it all spirals out of control. Having grown up in the church I have and continue to see it.

    I once knew someone who had 4 children by different men, was living with her mother and left them behind, along with unpaid bills to attend the now defunct Azusa conference and to run after other black church leaders. I know someone now, sadly, who was following Rod Parsley (she moved to Ohio to attend his school and earn a “degree” in missionary work, but never graduated) and is now planning to move to Atlanta to attend Creflo Dollar’s church. Wow! The things folks will do for a religious fix!

    We need to get a grip. God made us in His image, gave us the ability to reason and expects us to use common sense. As the old adage goes, God helps those who help themselves.

    Wake up people. Don’t let religion (along with it’s many self appointed titles-bishop, prophetess, etc.) cloud your judgement and interfere with your spirituality and a true relationship with God.

    In the meantime, Ms. Bynum is in my thoughts and prayers.

  18. Bad things happen to people. Sometimes noone is exempt. It’s sad what has happened to Juanita – but we must remember that she is human and so is her husband. There is absolutely no excuse for a man to hit a woman or a woman to hit a man. We should not resort to violence! The sad thing about all of this is that “some” people will automatically BLAME the church, some may BLAME God – but this is not the case. It doesn’t matter what title a person has, whether it’s Bishop, Pastor, Prophetess, etc… – all that doesn’t mean anythign in the eyes of God. God created us ALL equal – man put you up and put you on this pedestal. We are all one in God’s eyes – no big I’s or lillte U’s. We should all jsut pray for Juanita and her husband that the Lord will sustain both of them and forgive him for what he has done and forgive her too – for whatever role she played. We weren’t there – so we don’t know what really went down – all we know is that it went down.

    God bless us all!

  19. We all know this act was wrong, as Christians we also know ALL our sins are covered by the blood of Jesus, Let us who are strong (at this time)PRAY for those who are in a place of weakness,that they will be become strong,So when we become weak(which we will at some time) They who are strong will PRAY for us. Let us all show (MERCY AND LOVE)to our brother and sister at this time, and use this as a looking glass, ARE WE LOOKING LIKE CHRIST AT THIS TIME.

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  21. I am in total agreement that men should not put their hands on a female. I was personally a victim of domestic violence in the past by my ex-husband. We were both in the church and I thought that this could never happen to me. They both are going through a lot of pain. The Bishop’s actions are totally disrepectful to the church and his wife. God is not pleased with the pain of abuse. I am appalled at his behavior and I don’t care if he is a Bishop or Joe blow off the street….the bottom line is he beat his wife…..this is not cool. This in unacceptable behavior and should be addressed accordingly. A husbands hands should always touch his queen in a loving manner.

  22. All I can say is we need to pray for this two couples, but the bottom line is we need to understand that abuse can happen ANYWHERE AT ANYTIME.

  23. I wholeheartedly pray for the speedy recovery of Prophetess Juanita Bynum physically, emotionally and spiritually. No one deserves to be beat up. As for violence, if someone offends you WALK AWAY. Assault is a sign of a sick mind.

    What I disagree with is that violence can happen to anyone. AGAIN, PEOPLE CAN WALK AWAY OR RUN AWAY. When the attacker lifts his/her hand, you don’t stand there and wait for it to land. GET AWAY. There is a moment in time that you can “escape” no matter what the situation is. I’m sorry.

    If the person is indeed helpless as these comment “it can happen to anyone” infers. What happens to statement that all is fair in love and war? Self-defense IS NOT illegal! Pick up something, throw something, anything to defend yourself, and it will stop the person. Don’t make yourself so vulnerable, because you can end up DEAD!

    Feel free to make a comment about you being a situation like this and you could NOT defend yourself.

  24. I agree with the post about taking him behind the building and whipping his ******
    Men need to fear abusing women. Jesus himself whipped and ran out the money changers who were abusing the house of God. Is not her body Christ’s?

  25. We are all human. There are none so righteous that we can not fall.A Bishop, A evangelist, A church mother, a Pastor or just you and I can error. God is a forgiving God. I hope Juanita Bynum heals from her own words, books and songs and move forward positively. Bishop Weeks, even the ATL Police,lawyers, mommy and daddy or we can’t charge him as hard as God has. The blood stain is all over his hands. God Bless them as they endure. “Much Prayer, Much Power.”

  26. My daddy beat my mother nearly everyday. His excuse: He had a drinking problem.

    He continued this abuse until three of his nine kids connected with a coke bottle upside his head.

    A Mirale happened!! he didn’t do it anymore.

    His fear of the coke bottles outweighed his fear of the Lord!!!

  27. I am very disappointed in the Bishop. I can be judgmental that is for our GOD to handle no body knows all details but Rev. Bynum and Bishop & our GOD. She is very inspirational to me and by reading her books has taught me alot along this journey. Juanita I Love You and my prayers are with you

  28. a mistake in my comment I can not be judgmental only GOD can punish his children. He is a great and forgiving GOD. “Let Go and Let God” No o

  29. We must be careful with power and influence. They are very intoxicating and can cause one to loose focus on what is really most important. Somewhere our Lord was misplaced and became no longer the center of their marriage. Problems, misunderstandings, mis-communications, hurt anger and pride, arguments, sneaked in and the flesh started to rise and when flesh is allowed to rise it does what it does, always creating a complete mess. My heart and prayers go out to the Weeks’, their family and friends. May God give them more of His grace and restore their joy in Him so that they will be able to grow inforgiveness towards one another.

  30. It amazes me the state of the church to ever be so concerned about how this Weeks/Bynum incident will leave a dark spot on Church. Despite the fact that in Christ’s own words “the gates of hell will not prevail against her (the church)” and that one day “he’s coming back for his bride”, a bride without a spot or wrinkle. These are Christ’s words about the body, yet you professing Christians whine in fear about “how this is going to look so bad for the church”. People because of their sinful nature, will always ensue a dark spot on the church, not because of the church but because of their sinful hearts. People because of their depravity, crucified God when He absolutely did no wrong. I wonder about those who are so concerned about the blackened hearts of sinful people. Maybe your hearts are like theirs as you can only cry and whimper, instead of being strong and faithful to what God says about the body. We should have an answer for the world, strong enough to convince and convict them. But what do we do? We shutter about our image for fear that we can not evangelize to reach them. All because two idiots uses Christ’s name in vain, covered with an anointing and spirituality that breed greed and a deceptive influence on thousands of people who prefer to listen to their lies rather than study to show themselves to be approved. What you see and what you get is what you become. BEWARE lest you become like them and emulate in similar ways your need for greed, selfish desires, manipulation and neglect of others. What an opportunity to preach to the world of that which is true and that which is false. What an opportunity to tell those who “look down on the church” of the GOD in three Persons – the TRINITY in whom Jaunita does not believe in. “Silver and Gold have I none, but such I have I give unto you.” A gift more valuable that the million dollars spent on Jaunita’s wedding and all their assets combined. I’m quite sure that Jaunita and Weeks have has so much prayers lifted up for them by these false believers. This is not going to cut it. The true believer’s response is to use prayer and the Spirit of God within him to tell them they are lost and lead them to true salvation, and to share the Gospel to those who would ridicule the church of their need for Christ in their lives and not to follow false teachers like Weeks and Bynum.

  31. You know what I’m sorry but I doubt it if any of you really know what you are talking about. If you read the article you should have realized that it said “the Bishop has never acted in such a way and is very mild in nature.” However, we all do know Juanita Bynum has a mouth on her. Not to say that what the Bishop did wasn’t wrong, but she always belittles him with some of the things she has said in public. I have several tapes and have watched youtube and her husbands expressions after she has made a comment about them is like “why would you say that.” Juanita Bynum is known for saying that she is responsible for the upcoming of her husband. We all know that before Juanita married him we knew nothing about a Bishop Thomas Weeks, we do now. Juanitas popularity has catapulted her husband were he is. It doesn’t mean he never put in any work. Juanita always talk about how she will come down out to the audience and break someone off. “I’m from the west-side of Chicago, yall don’t know me.” She told one woman that she thought was looking at her crazy in the audience. Juanita also is a very domineering and controlling person and loves to be in the front and loves to talk to no end. She has even said from her own mouth that she talked to her husband with a ferocious tonuge. Then she said the HG made her apologize for what she said. Let me point out again that it’s not right for a man to put his hands on a woman. Yet it’s not right for women to mouth off at a man either. We are emotional and they are physical. Men can only take so much and I believe this man had enough and he blew up. My thing is Juanita had better come out and tell the truth about her provoking this man and help clear her name. I have no doubt in my mind that she pushed him to far with her mouth over the years. Ladies and if you have a man that you know won’t hit you…You feel me! Stop talking crazy to that man it’s not cool. You can’t beat him down you won’t win. Men you know what I’m talking about. Another thing get some discernment to tell and see through things, people and situations.

  32. @AG…

    Short of attempted murder, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING justified a man choking a woman, throwing her down, beating her, then kicking, and stomping her, especially not his wife, especially not in public, especially NOT if he is a Bishop in God’s church. His attack was just too vicious, to filled with hatred!!!

    He knew how she was BEFORE he married her, she was already in ministry, already highly exposed. He came after her, and chose her. Why does he get to continue to be who he is, however she does not?

    Then she was transparent, and openly talked of her failures, and now it is being used against her to justify and excuse a man that had/has some serious issues, and in need of some serious deliverance.

    I am not even a follower of Prophetess Bynum, and I do believe she walked away from her assignment from the Lord to pursue her own agenda, however that should not justify his behavior. Why do we always blame the woman, and allow the man to go free???

    I also believe THEY should not have started ministering in the area of marriage until they were no longer “novices” in dealing with challenges in it. They had not “proved” their weaponry in that area, nor had they gotten the victory in that area of ministry in order to be to qualified to speak on it.

    The enemy will attack every ministry we step into, and being a Bishop, and Prophetess does not qualify anyone to teach, and counsel on all things, neither does having an expensive wedding, with spiritual trimmings.

    Single sisters, I pray you are looking, and listening to the comments from the “brethren” on this situation, because those who justify Bishop Meeks in any way are the “brothers” you need to avoid unless you want to be “beat down” as well.

    In the spirit realm, this is a pivotal time in the “Body of Christ”. How this situation is handled will either make many free, or push them into further bondage. How we address this, respond to it, will either push women who are being abused further into darkness, and their husband further into cruelty, [because they will realize that we really do not care], or make the women free, and cause the husbands to seek deliverance from their ungodly behavior. Whatever we chose to do, we will give an account to the Lord who eventually will have “righteous judgement on them who practice such things, and are deserving of death, and also to those who approve of those who practice them”…Romans 1:32

    In light of this situation, I have decided I do not want to get married. This is just too crazy, and the response to it by the “church” is crazier still.

  33. caro…

    Excuse me, the “Bishop” choked, beat, kicked, and stomped his wife in the parking lot of a hotel, [this is not an assumption, this is a fact]. Another man had to pull him off od her…fact!

    What else do we need to know??? What could be said that would make that all right with the Body of Christ?

  34. @ AG…
    You said: “the Bishop has never acted in such a way and is very mild in nature.”


    I read this on another board…

    Here in ATL — News broadcast his two original members from DC who stated that he had attacked the financial controller/officer some time ago in her office; the two women along with JUANITA advised the woman NOT TO SEEK MEDICAL HELP (NECK CHOKED AND BRUISED) OR REPORT IT TO THE POLICE BECAUSE OF THE SCANDAL IT WOULD CAUSE THEIR BISHOP AND CONGREGATION…. out of that loyalty THE WOMAN STAYED ON IN THE MINISTRY AND STILL TRAVELS WITH WEEKS…. now these women are guilty over CONCEALING the violent behavior that was already there…. and now falls upon his WIFE who also had recommended them to LIE about it….




  35. how about everybody just hush. do less talking, more praying and much more repenting. put ya armor on. Ephesians 6:10-21 Go read it.

    Question: What if YOU died tonight?

  36. With all of the rumblings, is God still on the Throne? Is any of this a surprise to Him? If we were to take about one thousand steps back, could we look under this and see what is happening? Could it actually be a revelation of the poison that has dwelt within broken humanity, hidden and just now ready to be dwelt with — the poison that we have been called to be delivered from? And the time for deliverance and healing is at hand? Could it be that God has chosen some to stand and let this flow come forth in ways they never imagined? To show that He is the one they need, in a greater way than they knew? Is it possible that this boil that Paula and Randy White, and Juanita and her husband are going through could be as a Job encounter, with deliverance as never seen before? Could the carbunkle (a boil) of the enemy, where poison dwells, be filling up to break open and pour out the poison — and then we reach the point where the flow of destruction is released to the point where the blood shows up — pushing out all of the dis-ease and poison? And the LIFE IN THE BLOOD overtakes within the framework of humanity, as never seen before? Could it be that the boil of the enemy, called a carbunkle in medicine, is being turned into health by the release of the lie, and God now calls forth His carbunkle, which in the word is a Garnet — a jewel of blood red color, bringing life where death dwelt? Is He actually bringing forth a jewel where poison dwelt within creation? Is this a Hosea moment – Hosea, marry a prositute so I can teach my people of my love? Could this be a Job timed event, dealing with the definitions on the inside to make thewm bigger, fuller within – so he could see what he had missed — so he could hear to pray for his friends — so salvation could enter?

    Maybe we need to look again at this — and widen the the view…



  39. who gives a rats ass , ….can we focus on something
    more important like our youth .. or the war on Iraq…or
    the youth in JENA 6…A lot of us could care less about some loud mouth wig wearing heifer who probably deserve every bit of her ass whooping. instead of gossiping about a money hungry parasite, why don’t you
    so-called christians pray for the young people in Jena 6
    it’s obvious that some christians enjoy being pimped out of your hard earned money only to make someone else
    wealthy who can’t stay married and pay her bills…Hmmm I guess the glamorous life ain’t for everybody huh Jaunita?

  40. My Prayers are with you Ms. Juaunita. No woman of God should have to go through that kind of physical, mental or emotional abuse by someone that once said I love you and took a vow to honor you respect and cherish you all the day of your life. I am a young woman who lives in the US Virgin Islands and I myself was a Victim and I said No more! So to you Ms. Kim B you must not judge someone if you was never in thier shoes. I Love Ms. Jaunita and you are insipriation to me. May God Continue to Florish you with many many more Blessings.

  41. After reading news letters, watching video’s etc., it is hard to believe that Juanita let Weeks beat her. On one of her video’s she keeps saying, “you don’t know me”. She was willing to fight a man over her husband and pushed her husband aside. She said she waited twenty-years for a man and she protects what she loves. Also it appears that Weeks was leaving the place where Jaunita got her beat down, and she followed him. Well, even though I don’t agree with violence, she should have let him go. Men are human and get tired of women knocking them around when they have been taught not to hit females. Not only that, but there was a situation with her first husband, I believe, where she threatned him with a brick. I didn’t put this out there, She did. The videos are on youtube. View them, then read where Weeks was leaving and she followed, and see if you still have the same comments and sympathy for Juanita. Don’t get me wrong, again, violence is a no no, but this also goes for the females. I say this with no bias, as of the present, I do not study either of their messages.

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