Dummy of the Week Award

“Some readers were shocked and angered by a Friday editorial page cartoon depicting a black man with a smoking gun in his hand standing over a bullet-riddled victim. 

Below is the picture in question…duh…what was the editor thinking???  Racist & Sexist in one caption. Some folks true colors shine so bright, you need shades on!!!


 “Using the word ‘ho’ was bad judgment, and I regret that I did not edit it out,’ ” Clark said.  Read the article…


7 comments on “Dummy of the Week Award

  1. My thing is, what’s the deal with all these ‘regrettable actions’. It’s said & done on PUBLIC FORUM? You mean to tell me with all the media hype surrounding Don IMUS, not once in doodling out this ‘detailed’ comic strip, did it cross your mind that this wouldn’t be the right thing to do? WHATEVER, now you’re getting free press & publicity for a ‘comic’ that you’ REGRETTABLY’ drew? WHATEVER!

  2. KD, he allowed his true colors to shine. You would think that after the IMUS situation, people would be more mindful of what they say and do in the public.

    Gwyneth, I wish I could hand deliver it to him.

    Mega Rich, it’s time for regular citizens to stand up to mess like this.

  3. Sometimes I think it boils down to a matter of perspective. The purpose of some humor is simply to make you laugh. The purpose of some humor is to make you think (ie., the more biting, sarcastic humor of folks like Paul Mooney and Dave Chapelle). Personally, I think that cartoon falls into the latter category . . .

    Of course, if the cartoonist is a non-African American and someone who consistently/regularly portrays the African American community in this fashion, that’s not only WRONG, it’s a totally different issue.

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