Michael Vick “A Career Gone to the Dogs”

Michael Vick Many may ask what prompted Michael Vick to risk eopardizing his NFL career by doing something what’s considered illegal.  Up until now, he was innocent until proven guilty, but looks like he’s taking a plea bargain. According to some reports, he could face up to 40 years in prison for illegally fighting dogs, cruelty to animals, racketeering and several other charges. Plea bargaining was probably the best thing to do under the circumstances.

 While it isn’t clear how much time Michael Vick will serve in prison, there’s a good chance he won’t play in the NFL until 2010 at the earliest. Read interview on SI.com

Now don’t get mad at me for saying this, but those people who are willing to say Vick was aware and participated in the cruelty to those animals weren’t thinking. It’s obvious they will be doing some jail time regardless if they point a finger at him or not. What they should have done was plead ignorance and let the authorities make their own case against Vick. If Vick doesn’t play ball, he doesn’t make money. I’m sure if they would have kept their mouths shut, he would have went back to playing ball and he would have kept money on their books while they were serving time.


9 comments on “Michael Vick “A Career Gone to the Dogs”

  1. And you know I stand in agreement with you. I don’t want to make this racial on your site, but it’s like this: When white folks commit crimes together, they go down with each other or plead ignorance to the very end. Black folks, on the other hand, are more than willing to sink the ship and even add a few lies to make it look really good. Think that’s why some of us are such good storytellers? LOL

    And you’re right, thanks to his “friends” turning evidence–which to me, makes it hard to lend any credibility to them–his best choice was to go ahead and plead guilty, even if he wasn’t. I think they would have tried to put him away for a very long time if he hadn’t. They’ve been gunning for him since he became a BLACK quarterback in the NFL. It’s too bad he left himself open for them to have their heyday.

  2. Well… I’ll make things even more racial and muse on how it’s ironic the way some people get all bent out of shape over cruelty to animals and they can’t bring themselves to care about or report about the many women and children of color murdered and gone missing every day. Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t care if some idiot makes a habit out of going around kicking cats… but I’m just saying… dang, can we get the same media attention when Shanique is murdered…


  3. “They’ve been gunning for him since he became a BLACK quarterback in the NFL. It’s too bad he left himself open for them to have their heyday.”

    Yolanda, you said it. He gave them ammunition and they are going at him with full force.

    Gwyneth, it is sad that folks seem to care more about animals than human beings. Picket for human rights…hardly…but you’ll see folks picking to save the whales.

  4. Mega Rich, sad part about it, there are so many folks fighting dogs. It’s as common as washing your car.

    P.S. – Not sure of what movie it came from.

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  6. “They’ve been gunning for him since he became a BLACK quarterback in the NFL. It’s too bad he left himself open for them to have their heyday.”

    Yolanda, you have to be joking. Who has been gunning for him since he came into the league? If you mean the media, perhaps he has received extra scrutiny both because he is a face of the league and because of his numerous off the field issues before any of the dog fighting charges.

    It’s too bad he left himself open? He committed and participated in the proliferation of brutal killings of animals. On top of that he supplied the venue by these acts and the gambling associated with them could happen. How is that leaving himself open? It is a horrendous set of crimes and although prior to this evidence I was a Michael Vick supporter and could ever look past some of his other issues, I believe that he should be prosecuted fully.

  7. @Gwyneth

    While I will agree with you that the murder of people (not just “women and children of color) is a much more heinous crime than the slaying of animals, the reason that this is so reported on is not an issue of race, but of popularity and economics. The news media is a business and as such they work to make money. The media is able to sell and profit off of reporting the news of a famous person much more than reporting all the missing and murdered people everyday.

    Although this type of news coverage isn’t ideal, it is a part of our economic driven society.

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