The Great Betrayal and A Cinderella Affair

Here are two books that I’ve read and enjoyed.

The Great Betrayal

The Great Betrayal by Millenia Black. What happens when a secret dares to bare its ugly head? This gripping story takes you on a rollercoaster ride. The title is perfect for the circumstances the main character will face.

Cover ImageA.C. Arthur’s A Cinderella Affair is not a fairy tale. With real-life characters facing real issues, I connected with the main character and cheered her own through the ups and downs she faced in the story.

Both books were well worth my time & yours.

Happy Reading,


4 comments on “The Great Betrayal and A Cinderella Affair

  1. Hey Shelia,

    I am so glad you enjoyed this book. You know I’m always nervous when a new book comes out, wondering what readers will think. But when a fellow author reads your book and likes it, the feeling is altogether different.

    I firmly believe in fairy tales so I like to share them with as many people as possible and this series has been so much fun to write.

    Thanks again for your kind words.


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