How Do You Stay Organized?

I’ve learned that if I want to get things accomplished, I must set goals. I set yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals and yes daily goals. Sometimes I have to deviate from my original plans; however goals keep me on track.

 For me, I get more accomplish when I make a to do list of what I want to accomplish. It also makes me feel that I am makng progress when I can see things scratched off my to do list. There are times that I don’t get to everything on the list but I no longer beat myself up about it.

Some of you visited my blog when it was over on blogger and know when I sent out a message saying that I was taking a break from blogging. Well during that time I had so much going on (still do…smile) and felt the need to get off the web for awhile. As I slowly came back online, I started visiting everyone else’s blog and found that I missed blogging…that’s when this blog was created here on wordpress.

Even with a busy schedule, I find that blogging is no longer a task but it’s  an enjoyable outlet that I now don’t put on my to do list. I jut blog when the mood hits or when I need a little 5 or 10 minute break away from my normal day. Right now it’s Sunday night, but I’ve set the blog to post on Monday morning.

 What process do you use to keep organized?


2 comments on “How Do You Stay Organized?

  1. Girl, that’s the million dollar question… I don’t have the answer. But I may be taking a break from the blogosphere myself. It’s really hard to balance it all sometimes…


  2. Yes, it is. Right now I don’t have any pressure blogging. I blog when I feel like it. I blog to release stress. My entertainment blog is updated once a week so if anyone sends me cds, movies, or information; they know not to expect to see it posted on there until Monday…no pressure on my part…it took me awhile to get the balance, but once I did, I’m not going backwards…lol

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