Colored Summer & Never Knew Love Like This Before

On the weekends, I plan on posting a few books that I’ve read.  Feel free to share a few books you’ve read & enjoyed.


csColored Summer by Michelle McGriff was a well told story that captivated me from chapter one until the end. I was drawn into the story and felt transported back in time. Colored Summer is a classic tale that allows readers a glimpse into our past history. Colored Summer breaks down the color barriers and I highly recommend it to readers.  

nnNever Knew Love Like This Before 

Denise Campbell shows through her characters in “The Value of a Man” that all is not always what they seem to be. When faced with adversity, who will remain by your side?

Michelle McGriff’s story “Change of Life” shows how life can bring you surprises, but it’s how you deal with them that gets you through the storm.

Maxine Thompson mixes a historical moment with the joys and pains of life in “Katrina Blues.” Love comes when you least expect it.

These three stories make a perfect trio of love, romance and life.

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