Terry McMillan’s Ex Jonathan Plummer

Terry McMillan’s ex-husband Jonathan Plummer is releasing a fictional tale loosely based on his real life. Jonathan Plummer


As an author, I try to support writers who are brave enough to  pursue their dream; but Plummer is not a writer. He’s an opportunist. He’s used his past relationship with McMillan and has capitalized on it and the drama surrounding their divorce. More than likely he didn’t write the book himself, but hired a ghostwriter to write this book.  

As an avid reader, I’m appalled that its even being released.


As a writer, I’m appalled because there are so many aspiring “true” writers who have stories to tell who aren’t given a book deal, but this non-writer gets a book deal just because of who he was married to.


Yes, this is a rant and I don’t think it’s fair; but life isn’t fair is it???


Question: Do you plan on buying it? You already know my answer.


See article about his book at Eurweb.com: http://www.eurweb.com/story/eur35752.cfm


19 comments on “Terry McMillan’s Ex Jonathan Plummer

  1. Shelia,
    I have no intentions of purchasing or reading it…I am as nosy as anyone but just won’t go there in some cases…wouldnt have read OJ’s book either…


  2. I love to read, but this book and OJ’s are two I just don’t feel like wasting my time on. There are too many other books out there I would rather spend my time reading.

    I’m sure there are folks who probably disagree. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on the NYT bestsellers list.

  3. He’s a one-trick pony. And his drama is yesterday’s news. Don’t even waste your precious breath on a rant. Instead focus on someone worth the attention. Like I’m finally reading Pearl Cleage’s book – Babylon Sisters and am loving it.


  4. He nor his book is worth my time or money!

    What is worth both my time and money is the release of Paige’s Web, which I’am not so patiently waiting for. Two months to go! 😦

  5. Randi, it’s wrong as 2 left shoes.

    Michelle, Pearl Cleage is an excellent writer. I would highly recommend all of her books. Check out Colored Summer by Michelle McGriff. The book reminds me of Pearl Cleage’s style.

    Janice, you got me blushing 🙂

    Peggy, creep is such a nice word for him.

    Now PrincessDominique, you know its bad when an avid reader will turn down a free book.

  6. I agree he is an opportunist and not a writer. There is no way I would support this book or waste my time reading it. Peace and balance, T!

  7. Thank you all so much for ‘getting it’ and for not supporting this so-called novel. I’ve been reading some of these message boards just to get a sense of it all and on many levels it is so disheartening. I’ve been called ho’s and dumb bitch and made fun of and even accused of being aware that Jonathan was gay. I find it sad that some people seem to have found a great deal of joy and even pleasure from seeing me be publicly persecuted and humiliated by Jonathan. He has not stopped and I pray that intelligent people like those I’ve read on this website do not support this garbage because it is precisely why Simon & Schuster chose to pay Karen Hunter to write it. Everything he and his attorney and now a sleazy publisher have done has been to capitalize off of my misfortune. My novels have been written with love and out of love and in an effort to empower us as women. I am sick of being publicly punished by members of the gay community for what I said to my then so-called husband privately. It is also sad how some folks seem to get pleasure from someone else’s pain. Fame doesn’t make you immune. I wouldn’t wish any of what I’ve endured the past 2 years on anyone. It is also no accident that the title of this so-called novel is a play on my other title. However, one thing he is admitting and that is he certaining did a lot of balancing and he did a helluva lot of acting. My Mama didn’t raise a fool. And Jonathan, as young as he was, should be given an Oscar for his academy award 7 1/2 year performance. He fooled me. But God don’t like ugly.
    I am offended by the book but mostly by Simon & Schuster. I will not read a single word of it. It was written to further humiliate me. Unfortunately, I’m not buying into it. They want me to yell publicly and make a fuss about this book so that I will help them sell it. My answer when asked by the media what my feelings or thoughts are about this so-called novel? It is the equivalent of a rapist writing about how he raped his victim, how much he enjoyed doing it, and how he compelled he was to show others how good he was at getting away with it. And Simon & Schuster are his brand new pimp. There is nothing sacred anymore.
    What can be said about trust and gratitude and honor and dignity and integrity when it comes to ‘us’? I would never — nor would most of us who are decent human beings — do anything to maliciously and deliberately cause anyone — but especially someone I supposedly loved and cared about, any form of pain.
    Causing someone else to suffer intentionally says a lot. Some people get pleasure out of other folks pain and there is a word for it.

    Please visit my website at http://www.terrymcmillan.com and there you will find a long list of writers worth reading, many of whom are fine writers, not household names, and who deserve your support as much as I have appreciated it in the past.


    Terry McMillan

  8. Ms. McMillan, thank you for stopping by. When I heard about the book, it infuriated me so much. I’ve asked my friends & associates not to support the mess. Hopefully, others will do the same. The only way the publisher will take notice and think twice about doing something like it again is if readers do not buy the book & hit them in the pocket.

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  10. I know I’m late, but I have no intentions of buying or reading Mr. Plummer’s book, Ray J’s book, Karin (Video Vixen’s) book, or any other tell all book about who’s doing who. There are too many other worthy books out there to read such insignificant trash.

    Love & Peace,

  11. Balancing Act was released in paperback….you go Jonathan. Sistuhs need to pick up this book read it, heed it, cuz you need it! We need to start loving our bruthas who are struggling with their sexual identity. Yes, they are our sons, brothers, and our fathers.
    Karen Hunter put her foot in this….Jonathan did not write this all by himself, but he allowed his name, likness, and story to be used in a responsible way. I can’t wait for the sequel.

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