Perez Hilton reports Melanie Scary Spice Brown is married

 Perez Hilton was the first to report the news that  Eddie Murphy’s baby mama, Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown,  secretly married Stephen Belafonte.

Melanie Brown & Stephen Belafonte

The pair eloped in Las Vegas on June 6th and have kept the news secret until we just broke the story.

“Mel’s tried very hard to keep this under wraps, especially with the paternity case against Eddie [Murphy] and everything going on,” a source tells us. “She really values her privacy.”

Scary Spice sounds scandelous doesn’t she? She can tell all of Eddie’s business (which now seems suspect…except for the fact the baby is his), but she’s hush hush when it comes to her own personal business. Rumor has it, she’s set to go on a CNN talk show to “tell her story.”


2 comments on “Perez Hilton reports Melanie Scary Spice Brown is married

  1. She probably is scandolous, but Eddie Murphy is still a jack-ass. And as far as the baby both of them are stupid for even getting caught out there like two teenagers. That man had FIVE kids with his wife. If I were Scary Spice he wouldn’t have been able to come near me without double wrapping that thang up. The man is too dang fertile! And he knows he can look at a woman and knock her up so he should have been more careful. 🙂


  2. lol…he’s definately fertile…if there was ever a shortage of children him and someone else I know would be prime candidates to reproduce the nation.

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