An Amazon Addiction

I always say, I’m not going to look when I realize my book has been listed on To be more specifically, I say I’m not going to look at the “sales ranking,” but I end up looking anyway. Right now I’m comparing, my upcoming book “Paige’s Web” to one of my other books “My Invisible Husband” (which has been on numerous bestsellers list, Essence, BlackExpressions and yes, There’s a big difference in sales ranking so I’m trying to figure out what I need to do to change my sales ranking for Paige’s Web.  I’m not sure if the promotions I have done is effective so we’ll see. Am I getting pre-book release jitters? Honestly; Yes!             


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4 comments on “An Amazon Addiction

  1. Resist… resist… resist… or better yet, just lie to yourself. Oh I’m only on that page to get a link for promotional purposes… I’m not looking or carrying about any of that other stuff…

    Yeah right.

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