Entertainment in One Big Swoop

It’s Saturday. I’m home alone and I’m reading the email from Eurweb.com in my inbox and surfing the web.

 Just in case you hadn’t heard the real life Young and Restless couple supposedly got hitched on Friday.

USHER AND TAMEKA A DONE DEAL!: Couple reportedly now married.
*According to a report in the Chicago Sun-Times, Usher and Tameka have done the deed; they got married Friday. They were wed during a private ceremony in the singer’s lawyer’s offices, according to sources.
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Also Eddie Murphy’s two exes teamed up for lunch. How cute?

Nicole, Mel B & Eddie's kids

EDDIE’S EXES HOOK UP FOR LUNCH/MEETING; Murphy releases statement admitting paternity & responsibility.
*Po, po Eddie Murphy. Now his exes are hooking up and now doubt exchanging notes. Yesterday his ex-girlfriend Melanie “Mel B” Brown, and his ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy had a very public lunch at Ivy restaurant on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles. Ouch!
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After I can’t remember how many years, R Kelly is finally getting his day in court.

R. KELLY TRIAL TO FINALLY BEGIN NEXT MONTH: Singer faces 15 years in jail on child pornography charges.
*R Kelly will finally face a Chicago judge and jury on child pornography charges in connection with a sex tape he allegedly filmed with an underage girl.
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SAY IT LOUDJames Brown’s DNA Drama Can’t the man rest in peace.


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