Updated – Duane Martin & Tisha Campbell Split

***UPDATE –  I’m so relieved. Looks like the information originally sent out about Duane Martin was a hoax.  http://ybf.blogspot.com/2007/08/rumor-control.html#links 

One of my favorite AA Hollywood couples was rumored to have split…but it was just a rumor. They are still together. Whew!

See Essence.com Interview: CLICK HERE


5 comments on “Updated – Duane Martin & Tisha Campbell Split

  1. If it is true, I can say that I would have never seen that one coming at all. Now Terry and her ex… that was a case of the writing is all over the wall if you have eyes… but this… Wow… sista must be feeling blindsided like a mug if this is true…


  2. Michelle, it’s like these days you never know. I still hope the person who reported this is wrong. A girl can hope can’t she 🙂

    Gwyneth, that one caught me off guard too. I always thought he had some sexy lips and now to hear this…just sad.

  3. Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin were never really married…it was all a publicity stunt. Tisha Campbell is actually married to the brother in law of Jimmy Walker, Martin Walker. I know this 1st hand, because I have been the Walker family Butler for the better part of 2 decades. Tisha and Duane had an agreement in an effort to make a more marketable image for the media.Their child, is a paid actress. I was there when they held auditions, and I presume to be there when she is let go.

    To truly understand the bigger issue at the crux of their perceived marriage, one must fully understand the man that duane martin is. I’m talking about a man who never had acting lessons…a man who belongs to a church whose pastor is involved in a cock fight scandal (see the Reverend Billy Angel), a man who is a direct descendant of Crispus Attucks….and a man who has been a member of the now seemingly defunct “Whig Party” for more than 8 years, just as 5 generations of his family were. To understand this man, one must first understand the party.

    In the 17 and 1800s, one could scarecly go out on their front lawn without being confronted by Whig paraphenalia and fanfare. Their wagons trielessly campaigned on every cobblestone road in America. They had an almost celebrity like presence and appeal, at one time boasting a membership that included names like Paul Revere, Louis Pasteur, Crispus Attucks Sr, John Wilkes Booth, and Paul Robeson. Whig events were not only political, they were social and religious. They defined an entire generation of reformers, and set the stage for what was almost a second American civil war. Strong believers in family, it was routine for Whigs and Whig revivalists like Martin and Campbell to stage marriages and other unions for the benefit of onlookers, especiallty at a time when most of America was still reeling from an out of control Corn field tax that crippled every state from Maine to Mississippi. Is it any wonder that all these generations have still not truly overcome these chickens that have yet to truly and unconditionally roost?
    Well they are roosting now my friends, and in all honesty, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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