The Simple Life Has Crossed the Line

Today has really been an unproductive day since I had the kids and couldn’t concentrate on writing, I decided to just do nothing on the net…and that nothing led me to various sites that I usually visit late at night if I’m not too tired or if I’m on a conference call and need something to entertain me while listening to a boring lecture.

Anyway, I said all of that to say, when I went to YB & F website and saw this entry, all I could say was WTF and I don’t curse.

Apparently Paris and Nicole decided to put on the “blackface” like you being Black is something you can put on and take off.

Is this 2007? Am I seeing things? What were the producers of The Simple Life thinking about??? Below are the pics:

Nicole…what is your daddy thinking? This has gone too far. Hmm…and I wonder why I heard it was cancelled!


7 comments on “The Simple Life Has Crossed the Line

  1. Man, Nicole is BLACK ( will mixed) so you think she would have a little more pride about this. Do you know I read somewhere that she’s really Sheila E’s niece? PARIS, KNOWS BETTER but I guess since Angelina Jolie is in a movie as a ‘black woman’ it’s supposed to be ‘alright?”

  2. These two need to sit down somewhere. I’m very surprised of Nicole. I’m sure her mama and daddy had some choice words for her. Paris…well she needs to go into hiding because the stint simply wasn’t funny.

  3. Wow. I hadn’t heard this story but then, I’m so over any story that has to do with those little narrow, ignant chicks it ain’t even funny. Neither was this stunt. And what producer thought that would make a “funny” skit? Ugh!

  4. OMG! I can’t believe this. Nicole definitely knows better. I guess her excuse is drugs. On the flip side, I’m not surprised by Paris’ behavior at all. She talks all this crap about black people, but of course she’s always partying it up w/black dudes, and now she’s wearing black faces. Ths is unnerving. đŸ˜¦

  5. MsJayy, I don’t watch the show either and thankfully it won’t be on the air anymore.

    Beverly, I can’t understand how she can party with black guys but always has something crazy coming out of her mouth…maybe she’s someone who secretly wishes she was really black. Nicole, drugs might be her issue…I’m hoping she’s no longer using since she’s pregnant now.

  6. I watched the show and the reason they were dressed that way is because they had an acting class. The woman over the acting class didn’t know that Nicole is black. Nicole told her but wore the afro anyway because she is often mistaken for white. Paris portrayed the “black woman” very tastefully with dignity – it was NOT a black face show. If she would have fallen into a stereotype I would have been offended but I think she had more since than that since her best friend is black.

    Beyonce’, although she is black, was painted a darker shade in Dream Girls for a “photo shoot” and Rihana (I dont know if I spelled her name right) does the same thing in one of her videos.

    As a black woman from the south, I was not offended at all. I may have been offended if I had never taken an acting class though. In my acting classes I have taken the role of a white, asian, and african women.

    It was an acting class; nothing more.

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