Usher Do NOT Wed

The Daily News Usher with his girlfriend and would-have-been wife, Tameka Foster.  reports that Usher and Ms. Tameka Foster wedding was put on hold this past weekend.

“It was announced today that the wedding ceremony for Usher Raymond 4th and Tameka Foster was canceled,” publicist Patti Webster said in a statement.

I was really going to refrain from talking about what everybody else was talking about today, but there’s no way around it (well it is, but I choose to have my say, since it is my blog…hee hee).

I always thought Usher and Chilli (of TLC) made a cute couple and call me a romantic; but I hoped that when Usher was finally ready to settle down he would be doing it with Chilli.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues with an older woman dating a younger man, because I do it; but Tameka seemed to have been taking advantage of Usher. I don’t condone using anybody. I know folks are like, Usher’s a grown man; but yet in still, Tameka just seemed like a golddigger.

Who knows they might elope? But I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; he shouldn’t marry her just because she’s pregnant. She has several kids, she knows about birth control and she knows that a child with a superstar means MO (not more) money in her pocket!

If I could send a personal message to you know who, it would be:   Usher, Do Not Wed!


4 comments on “Usher Do NOT Wed

  1. AAACK! You’re right him & chilli made a great couple & maybe he called it off with her b/c of the fact he wsa becoming a father & that he was doing the right thing, you’d think he would’ve known that a 49 year old woman WAY OLDER than chilli was over him who had kids & a paste may have been trying ot get in where she fit in. Oh well, chilli’s moved on to her new throb (that is if they are still together) that brother was FEEYINE and MANLY!

  2. According to E, He went to ATL to make amends with his mom. Hmm…I’ve seen so many rumors, but the truth will come out eventually, along with skyrocketing record sales for Usher when his CD comes out.

  3. Sometimes life’s lessons come at you hard and fast. Here’s a man who got his life lessons from mom and P-Diddy.

    Mom sent her young man to stay with P-Diddy while he worked on his album. P-Diddy in the interview (and I saw it) said that Usher walked in while he was doing the do. And he thought that was funny – kind of a like young man learning to be a man experience.

    Once again, who are the role models for these young men to make good, solid life decisions?


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