7 Year old Swallows Grill

Thanks Janice for the Scoop(http://blog.myspace.com/writeonpointmagazine).

A 7-year-old Florida boy accidentally swallowed his “grill — a decorative mental mouthpiece popular in the hip-hop culture, it was reported Saturday.   READ

Just in case you don’t know what a grill is, here’s an example:

This is the “Cotton Candy” grill for ladies (the top grill to be exact): Cotton Candy (Bottom) courtesy of Grills by Paul Wall http://www.grillsbypaulwall.com


7 comments on “7 Year old Swallows Grill

  1. I’m sorry for the child whose parent(s) are so darn stupid to put their life unnecessarily at risk.

    And if this is an example of their decision-making, what else have they done.


  2. I am so behind the times. I visited a church not long ago, and one of the young men there I know (about 25 years old) reached out to hug me and smiled and had all that “stuff” in his mouth and I thought it was a joke he was playing. It was only when I mentioned it to a family member that I was informed that was his grill – one he’d paid over $10,000 for!!! I was too outdone then — but a 7-year-old???

  3. Michelle, that’s why kids are the way they are…no one to train them. Shaking my head.

    Peggy, my younger relatives keep me hip because when someone said grill to me the first time, I thought they were talking about a barbque grill.

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