Don’t be an Option

Never Allow Someone To Be Your Priority, While Allowing Yourself To Be Their Option” ~ author unknown (thanks Kandie for the quote)

How many times have we given our all to someone to later regret it because as the quote above says, they were “our world” but they didn’t look at us in the same way? If I’m honest, I would have to say this has happened to me. It happened one too many times and once I woke up to this reality, I stopped the cycle. The older I get, the less tolerance I have for B.S.  If I feel like someone is trying to get over on me, I run and I don’t just jog, but I run as if I’m running towards an Olympic torch–fast.

Dating can be fun but it can also be a hassle when you don’t know where you stand with the person. I know some men aren’t too good about communicating, but I also know that if a man cares about a woman; she will be his priority, not a booty call, not a temporary cook or housekeeper or a “I’m not doing anything else, with anybody else, so what are you doing?” either. 

Don’t be an Option, be a priority.  


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